August 2014, Rick Joy, Tom Kundig, and Marlon Blackwell joined us as architect-tutors for Immersion Vermont.

The class took place on a 210-acre historic farm, at a residence and barn designed by Rick Joy Architects. The participants were given a dual brief of creating a small chapel for study and meditation, as well as an artist-in-residence studio, both for the clients that owned the home. Living in the home for the week allowed the participants to become part of the site, to see how it worked, and how Joy's project interacted with the land.

Given a minimal brief on the client and program, and allowed full reign to locate their projects anywhere on the farm, it was vital that the designers empathized with the potential relationships between the two programs, as well as how they might integrate with the residence. They needed to understand the existing material palette of stone walls and weathered wooden structures; at once fitting in, and having their own identity as a part of the farm.