What is a bathhouse?

What is the bathhouse experience? What have these experiences been in other cultures and places?

How can we design an memorable architectural experience that is deeply rooted in the cultural and physical context of Telluride?

Which aspects of Telluride are we designing for... the town? the ski resort?

Who is the bathhouse for...People camping on the shore of the river? Locals? Seasonal employees? Weekend visitors? The affluent owners of the mansions above town?

These are the central questions of the Colorado Master Class. The students are given a relatively loose brief to design a small bathhouse on an infill lot along the San Juan river at the southern edge of downtown Telluride. They work for the first week to develop a more indepth program and design proposal. The intensive nature of the class demands that students work quickly and effectively to develop numerous iterations of their designs in that first week. They learn to quickly evaluate and respond to criticism, to work effectively with thier peers, and to reach consensus while remaining open to critical feedback.